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Discount program

Please, be attentive, the exchange of USTAbonus card for a new is finished on July 1, 2014. Old cards aren’t valid. It is possible to get a new discount card at any restaurant or hotel of USTA Group.

What privileges does this program grant?

The more services you acquire in USTA Group hotels and restaurants, the more progressive discount on your card is.

How do I get a loyalty card?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can become a loyalty program member. A discount card can be given when a customer pays a check in a restaurant/pub/coffee shop/bar or receives a bill in a hotel after filling in a loyalty program questionnaire. The card is activated next day.

Discount card levels and possible privileges:

Note: discounts for check payments are made for physical persons only. Discounts are not available when a booking is made through agencies or by organizations.

Discounts are not made on ordered delivered meals, cakes to order, prix fixe lunches, event package offers (banquets, buffet receptions, conference catering in USTA Group hotels). Allotment of points is made to your card when paying for banquets and buffet receptions, but no discount on those is made.

How do I exchange my Restoratsia, Portofino, Pin’s Pub or USTAbonus card for a new one?

If you are a discount card holder of Restoratsia company, Portofino trattoria, Pin’s Pub or a USTAbonus program member, you can exchange your discount cards for a new united one (with the same discount value) until July 1, 2014 with an additional bonus of 3% discount on services of other USTA group companies.

News cards with a greater discount value are given to Portofino trattoria and Pin’s Pub cardholders with an in-between discount value.

How do I learn the allotment value on my card?

A personal account is available for all discount card holders. Every loyalty program member can receive the information about the allotments and his or her card discount value by asking a company employee or visiting our website www.ustagroup.ru/.

Other Conditions

A discount card has its own unique number and should be presented to a waiter/bar tender/administrator/restaurant manager before the payment is made.

Such discounts cannot be added up with special offers or other promotions, or with partnership programs.

The discount amount on a card cannot be viewed as an article of merchandise and thus cannot be returned to the cardholder.

In case of loss or damage a card can be restored upon presentation of an ID, provided that information about a Cardholder and his or her identification are present in the informational system of USTA Group. The lost card is blocked, and the total allotment amount is transferred to a new one.

Discount cards have no expiry date and are valid throughout the whole term of the discount program.

Conditions for making discounts and new privileges can be changed by the Company. Up-to-date information is always available on the Company website www.ustagroup.ru. You can also ask our personnel in restaurants, hotels and USTA Administrative management department to provide you with this information.

You can find the Rules And Regulations of a Loyalty Program following the link.

You can download a Loyalty program member questionnaire here, or you can fill it in online.

You can send a filled in questionnaire via e-mail: service@ustagroup.ru.

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