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For hotel guests:
The cost of 100 rubles

The first hotel in Sverdlovsk - “Central” (1926 - 1928) invites guests of the hotel and the city on a unique tour “The history of the CENTRAL - the property of Yekaterinburg”.

Today the Central Hotel by USTA Hotels is the property of the city and the legend of the capital of the Urals. The history of the hotel is inextricably linked with political trends and events of the late XIX-XX centuries.

Climbing the legendary stairs, you will see architecture, the scale of space, get acquainted with the interiors of the Soviet era, look at the preserved photo chronicle related to the history of the hotel and Soviet Sverdlovsk.

From the mouth of the guide you will learn not only the historical aspects of the construction of the hotel, but also get acquainted with the names of important guests, historical leaders, cultural figures who visited Sverdlovsk on a working visit, whose history is directly related to the Central Hotel. With the help of photographs and archival documents, you will be transported to the historical era of the extraordinary reception and cordiality of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro by the Sverdlovsk citizens in May 1963, whose meeting with Secretary General N. S. Khrushchev was held within the walls of Central.

The highlight of the tour is a unique 3D-augmented reality in one of the hotel rooms. With the help of unique equipment you will have the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the pre-war time, get into the interior and move around it, looking at objects close by, and also observe the view from the window with an overview of the square in front of the hotel at the end of the 19th-20th centuries.

The cost for hotel guests is 200 rubles.
The cost for guests and residents is 250 rubles.

Dates and times for excursions may be available upon request.
For details and an appointment with administrators, call: +7 (343) 312-22-11, +7 (343) 312-22-12


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